It’s time to take your leap

Spend 5 days in beautiful Costa Rica to focus on creating a better you.

Get the support you need to go from wishful thinking to an actionable plan toward your big goal.


What does it mean to take a leap?

A “leap” in life is a change that’s meaningful to you—perhaps one that you have been putting off or afraid to tackle. 

Career Leap

A shift in job or career direction (like entering a new industry, changing jobs, or becoming an entrepreneur)

Location Leap

Moving to new a city, state or country.

Lifestyle Leap

A major personal change that requires a new behavior (like losing weight, quit smoking, going Vegan, etc).

Don’t miss out – this is your time

Join the Quantum Leap Experience

Welcome to the Quantum Leap Women’s Experience nestled in the lush rainforest of Costa Rica.

This 5-day, 4-night experience is designed for women who are ready for a BIG change. You will leave this retreat with clarity and confidence in your next steps. This opportunity is open to only 15 women!

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in life?

Nourish Yourself

You will have the opportunity to nourish your mind, body, and soul as you immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of the Costa Rican rainforest. 

Our team will provide a sacred and special space for you to explore your passions and purpose, overcome fears and doubts, and get total clarity on your next big move. 

Experience Life Off-the-Grid

You will have a chance to truly stay off-the-grid at a farm nestled in a valley at the base of the Arenal Volcano. Certified carbon neutral in 2012, this farm is a burgeoning regenerative community. All operations are designed to promote biodiversity and sequester carbon emissions. 

You are welcome to participate in one of the many educational programs and workshops offered in your free time. 

It's your time

The ultimate reset to a better you.

Be one of 15 women to take a transformational journey in the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica.

early bird pricing through July 15, 2024

Sample Itinerary

Disconnect to Reconnect

You'll have plenty of time to relax while also experiencing the beauty of Costa Rica

Organic Farm Tour

Learn about chemical free farming techniques and how the farm works in alignment with nature

Full Moon Bonfire

Burn away everything that is holding you back in our powerful full moon ceremony and bonfire

Volcano Hot Springs

Soak away your doubts and fears in the healing waters blessed by the Arenal Volcano

Jungle Yoga

Move your body during 2X a day yoga classes, accompanied by the symphony of jungle sounds

Your Jungle Paradise

You will stay in a deluxe bungalow with a wrap around terrace that sleeps 2 comfortably. Kick off your shoes, lounge in a hammock, and feel the breeze while you soak up the sights and sounds of the flourishing rainforest. 

Nourish yourself with 3 daily meals from the ranch’s chemical-free farm, Yoga classes (twice daily), and access to the natural pools, rainforest trails, and the fishing pond. 

All-Inclusive Pricing

Take advantage of early bird pricing when you purchase your ticket by June 30, 2024

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Double Accommodation

Paired with Someone

Includes all meals, activities, transportation*

Book by July 15th

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Single Accommodation

Only 3 tickets available

Includes all meals, activities, transportation*

Book by July 15th

*Does not include airfare, alcohol, or travel insurance

Why Take the Leap?


This experience is perfect for women who are ready to take their next step in life, whether it's starting a new career, launching a business, or making a major life change.


Our program includes daily yoga and meditation sessions, workshops on self-discovery and personal development, and excursions to explore the beauty of Costa Rica.


You will get the tools you need to prosper long after the retreat ends. Our resources include guided meditations, daily self-reflection, and personalized coaching sessions.


You are joining a group of women who are also on a journey of growth and discovery. The relationships you build will last a lifetime.

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Experience Guides

Hi, I'm Maria

Most people know me as a growth advisor and marketing technologist who has built strategies and implemented martech foundations for scores of organizations.

What most people don’t know is that I struggle with focusing and building my own dreams. I love helping others achieve their dreams which means I often put others goals in front of my own.

My life was forever changed when I sold everything I owned and moved to Costa Rica. I learned that living my dream life was possible with the right mindset and action plan. This inspired me to share my lessons with other women who are ready to make a big change to a more fulfilling life. 


Hi, I'm Shannel

Most people know me as an experienced graphic designer who has shaped many brands and helped bring people’s ideas to life.

What most people don’t know is that for a long time, I felt like a fraud in my career; I lacked the confidence to dream bigger and pursue the lifestyle I really wanted. As a result, I often put others’ dreams before my own. This often came in the form of smiling and nodding, while daydreaming about “what could be”.

My life was forever changed when I truly realized my innate power as a courageous creator. I learned that my potential was greater than producing clever color palettes and eye-catching designs—it was actually about intentionally creating an authentic life of purpose and helping others do the same.

Hi, I'm Ashton

Most people know me as a passionate advocate and supporter for children with disabilities, or a running obsessed athlete who thrives on adventure.

What most people do not know is that I grew up without athletic influence, battled with addiction, and for many years thought of myself as too far behind to ever succeed at anything meaningful. I set my standards low in order to avoid any kind of feeling of failure. I pretended I didn’t care about anything, in that way I could not be rejected by something I never started.

My life forever changed when I was able to be honest with myself, and find a supportive community who was on the same path to self-improvement and growth. This new direction allowed me to begin to take small risks towards attainable goals. With each minor success, my confidence grew. As my confidence and self worth grew, my belief to intentionally create a more fulfilling life materialized.



All tickets include 5 days, 4 nights accommodations at a premier ecolodge and permaculture farm. Pricing includes all meals, activities, and transportation once in Costa Rica.

Activities include a guided ranch tour, daily yoga, guided meditations, hot springs entrance, all Quantum Leap Sessions, full moon bonfire and cacao ceremony, all transportation to/from airport and during event, 1:1 coaching, a personalized gift bag, and a local tour. 

Airfare, alcohol, souvenirs, and travel insurance are not included in the price. 

Pricing does not include flight, travel insurance, alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, or additional activities not mentioned in the itinerary.

Yes, you can reserve your spot with a $222 deposit. The remainder must be paid by September 15, 2024. If you need other arrangements, we encourage you to reach out to our team by submitting the form below or scheduling a 15-minute call. 

Each beautiful bungalow has space to sleep 2 comfortably. The $1777 early bird / $1999 regular price includes double occupancy.

You will be paired with another attendee during the experience that matches your personality type. You can request to be paired with someone you know.

Single occupancy rooms are also available at an increased rate. You’ll receive a bungalow designed for 1 person.

All bungalows include a private bathroom and wrap around porch. 

We encourage attendees to have a roommate to share and process these experiences. In the past, we’ve found that attendees enjoy getting to know one another. If you really do not want to share a room, there are single occupancy ticket options.

If you are coming with a friend, let us know that you would like to room together.

We will do our best to pair you with someone with whom you can relate. We look at personality types and life experience when we pair the attendees. 

Of course, if you get there and prefer to change roommates, we can make arrangements. We want this experience to be great for you. 

This event is designed for those with significant life and career experience. That being said, we are open to having attendees of all ages. 

Currently, the guides and attendees range in age from 30s to late 50s. Our environment is welcoming and appropriate for anyone who wants to make a leap.

Yes, you will need a valid passport to enter Costa Rica. Ensure that your passport has at least six months of validity from the date of your entry into the country.

We highly recommend travel insurance to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, and other emergencies. World Nomads is our suggested provider.

Book your flight to arrive at Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO) by or before 12 pm CST on October 16th and to depart after 1 pm CST on October 20.

If you have any questions or issues, please email our team. 

No, this is designed for you to disconnect from your day-to-day reality. This event is exclusively for adults who are looking to make a leap in life.


This event is non-refundable unless the refund is requested within 24 hours of purchase.

We recommend getting travel insurance immediately after booking your ticket. 

If you would like to extend your trip in Costa Rica, we are happy provide recommendations.

Once you have booked your ticket to the Quantum Leap Women’s Experience, please let us know that you would like to stay longer. 

“I will never forget this experience. It was truly the best retreat I have attended. From the gorgeous venue, to the outing, the activities, the sessions, and the food (oh, the food!), it all seemed to work together to inspire me to take the leap. Every detail was thought of and taken care of. I will always remember this experience and the new friends I made.”


“Gaining clarity around building the life that you want can be a challenge. I was amazed how everyone in the group was willing to be vulnerable and real with each other right off the bat. It helped so much to explore the reality of what was holding you back and create a grounded, actionable vision for yourself with the help and support of the leadership team and the other participants. Burning my fears in a fire was life changing and I would never have expected that. Truly getting away and disconnecting made all the difference. Your future self will thank you for saying yes to this opportunity.”


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